Space Odyssey
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Space Odyssey is the newest permanent exhibit at the museum and it opens June 13th, 2003.
Also, don't miss the all new Gates Planetarium. Click here for more information.

Expereience the universe like never before.
Imagine yourself traversing time and space as you enter a visitor center to the universe. To your right, a Martian landscape lies just beyond the windows. To your left, dust and gas swirl in giant nebulae, planets move past in their orbital paths, and vast numbers of stars glow along the Milky Way on a giant space screen.

This is Space Odyssey, where the Sun, the Moon, and the stars are yours to explore. Let Museum Galaxy Guides lead the way as you investigate the universe with hands-on exhibits, performances, and demonstrations. Each visit is a new adventure. Come experience yours.

Denver Museum of Nature & Science Space Odyssey