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What is the most innovative type of museum?

Which Type of Museum is the Most Innovative ?

What is the most innovative type of museum?.   As a follow up to the post  “Science Centers Leading the Way”  there has been a very interesting discussion in Linkedin Group “Museum Planning”.  Created a survey about innovation in museums by “type”.

Survey Results:

Science Centers: 25.3% (21 votes)

Children’s Museums 20.5% (17 votes)

Science Museums 19.3% (16 votes)

Art Museums 16.9% (14 votes)

Natural History Museums 8.4% (7 votes)

History Museums 8.4% (7 votes)

Corporate Museums 1.2% (1 Votes)

For the purposes of the survey I made a distinction between Science Center (non-collecting) and Science Museum (collecting), if I add the Science Center results with the Science Museum results,  the results would be 45.7% (37 Votes).   In many ways I see the perception in museums just as important as the actual results.  Visitors expect Art Museums to support innovation in Art, but necessarily in the institution and visitors expect innovation in Science Centers.  What do others think?  Please take the survey, and add your voice to the conversation in the linkedin group, Linkedin group link.



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