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Big Questions

The City Museum This week I received an email from a start up museum with four questions: What does it take to make a great museum? What makes a museum popular? Why are museums successful? What are the best story lines? At first I thought there is no way to …

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Mickey’s Ten Commandments

By Marty Sklar President, Walt Disney Imagineering I.    Know your audience. II.   Wear your guests’ shoes. III.  Organize the flow of people and ideas. IV.  Create a “weenie” (visual magnet). V.   Communicate with visual literacy. VI.  Avoid overload – create turn-ons. VII. Tell one story at a time. VIII. Avoid …

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Why Are You Building A Museum?

Sound like an easy question? Often I lead museum planning sessions for new museums.  The museum has part of the funds raised to create the museum, they have their non profit status, have created a Board of Directors and now are ready to take the next steps. Create fund raising …

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