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Museum Exhibition Design Definition

Museum Exhibition Design Definition
Museum Exhibition Floor Plan

Museum Exhibition Design Definition

Museum Exhibition Design Definition – The creation of documents that guide the process of development of museum displays, interactive exhibits and educational programming. The process includes conceptual sketches, CAD drawings, exhibit prototyping, exhibit fabrication documents and as-built drawings for future reference.

Typical Process Museum Exhibition Design Process :

  1. Conceptual Design – Including Collection
  2. Schematic Design –
  3. Design Development –
  4. Prototyping –
  5. Final Design –
  6. Working Drawings –
  7. As-built Drawings –

Museum Exhibition Design Roles & Responsibilities :

  • Curator –
  • Designer –
  • Draftsperson –
  • Developer –
  • Educator –
  • Registrar –
  • Evaluator –
  • Fabricators –
  • Art Handler –
  • Audio Visual Integrator –
  • Museum Director –
  • VP Museum Development –
  • VP Museum Operations –
  • VP Museum Finances –
  • VP Museum Marketing –

For more information about the Museum Exhibition Design Process check out our five part series:

  1. Museum Exhibition Design Part I (Planning)
  2. Museum Exhibition Design Part II (Design)
  3. Museum Exhibition Design Part III (Testing & Fabrication)
  4. Museum Exhibition Design Part IV (Installation)
  5. Museum Exhibition Design Part V (Maintenance)

An example of a Museum Exhibition Design Firm: Museum Planning, LLC

Sample Exhibition Design PDF:

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