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Museum Activism

Piet Mondrian
Piet Mondrian, Tableau No. 2/Composition No. VII


The verb curate comes from the Latin curare, to cure or heal.

Museums have the power to guide, heal and unite.

My beliefs:

Climate change is real and a major threat to the planet and those living on the planet.

That hate is real and by not speaking out I am implicit in hate.

That as a country we need to elevate people through beauty, in all of its forms.

That this period in the history of the USA can be a new awakening of dialogue.

Museums are critical to providing a place for dialogue.

Museums must remain apolitical (legally).

Museums need to remain objective in order to promote dialogue (discussion between many people of different viewpoints)

“Museums are not Neutral”(1), they need to remain objective and have a long view.

I find solace, guidance, and strength in museums of all types; Art Museums, Science Museums, Children’s Museums, Natural History Museums, Botanic Gardens, Zoos, Art Centers and History Museums.

At this difficult time, I would call on museum curators, museum directors, museum staff and museum volunteers to take to their purpose with a new energy and hope.  Museums can change the world.

– Mark

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