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Starting A Museum

Starting a museum or “How to start a museum in 10 steps”.   Since 1992, I have been part of opening and expanding more than thirty-five museums.   Most of my work has been with science centers, children’s museums and natural history museums.  This category of posts includes information about starting a museum, posts include 10 Steps to Starting a Museum and Starting a Museum , How to Start a Science Center or 10 Steps to Starting a Science Center

Starting a Museum

  1. Create a One Page Description
  2. Meet with you local community
  3. Visit 20 Museums of the type of museum you are interested in starting
  4. Real Estate Developers are your friends
  5. Do the numbers
  6. Own the words
  7. Non-Profit Status
  8. Pre-View Facility
  9. Raise the Money
  10. Share the Vision

UPDATE: I wrote this post in 2011 and it is all still true and helpful today. However, if you are wanting a more in-depth treatment of how to start a museum, I just released a new book, Museums 101, which I designed to be an A-to-Z resource for those looking to start a museum. If you are truly looking to start a museum, my book was written for you. You can buy it on

Walt Disney Family Museum

“Walt Disney Family Museum to open Oct. 1 in San Francisco” Article by Diane Haithman Original Article Back in 2007, Diane Disney Miller, daughter of Walt, told The Times that a new Walt Disney Family Museum —  dedicated to telling the story of the man, not the entertainment conglomerate — was being planned for San …

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$24 Per Person!, California Academy of Science

At $24 per person, the California Academy of Science is setting a tone before you enter the door, two adults and two children, $78 dollars!  for a public institution.  This is a violation of the trust between a learning institution and the public.  That is before we even discuss if …

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