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Alcatraz Traveling Exhibition !

Have been hired by Alcatraz Cruises to project manage the new 2800 square foot traveling exhibition "Alcatraz: Life on the Rock". The exhibition is opening at Ellis Island October 2011. Prior to the opening we would like to evaluate the exhibition with the general public. We are interested in finding a California Bay Area venue that would be available to host the exhibition for 2-3 weeks during March or April for visitor evaluation. We would cover costs during the exhibition evaluation and there would be no cost for the exhibition rental.

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Museum Planning on Facebook

In the spirit of the new year and experimentation, I have set up a facebook page for Museum Planning. Interested to see how much traffic such a site would generate. If you like the page please click the "like" button

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Construction Has Halted at Los Angeles Museum

"The directors of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art have ordered work to stop on the second phase of a three-part, $450 million renovation and expansion plan until they can raise more money, The Los Angeles Times reported. The decision to halt the project was prompted by a report on the museum’s finances issued by Moody’s Investors Services last week."

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Asian Art Museum reportedly in financial turmoil

"San Francisco's Asian Art Museum is in dire financial straits and could be forced into bankruptcy if it can't work out a new deal with its lender by Friday, according to knowledgeable sources. "They could only keep up with the payments for maybe a year or a year and a half before they would have to close their doors,"

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Collective Learning

Lecture by David Christian, "Reinventing Intelligence: Why collective learning makes humans so different" at the Techonomy Conference 2010

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Exploratorium announces new location

"On Tuesday, October 19, at 10 am, the Exploratorium, San Francisco’s internationally acclaimed museum of science, art and human perception, celebrates breaking ground at its future home on Piers 15 and 17, The current timeline calls for a grand opening in 2013. The Exploratorium will remain open to the public in the Palace of Fine Arts for the foreseeable future." from the Exploratorium website

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