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Museum Planning

Museum Satisfaction Survey

As a follow up to "Museums are Hospitality" I have created an eight (8) question survey regarding museum satisfaction. I am interested in finding out what drives museum satisfaction in both museum professionals and non professionals. I am asking participants to remember a positive museum experience while traveling and give feedback to the drivers of the positive experience.

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Museum Planning Template

The National Park Services's, Harper's Ferry Center has created the "Exhibit Planner Template". A freely distributable template that runs on Filemaker for Mac or PC and "helps exhibit teams manage content elements and keep track of project goals, quality factors, and project requirements related to content."

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Museum Consultants

Most new museums, science centers and larger exhibitions are created by a group of consultants assembled to plan, fund raise, develop, design and project manage the exhibition(s).

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Hub Museum

There are approximately 17,000 museums in the United States. That number includes Science Centers, Natural History Museums, Art Museums, Local History and Children’s Museums. In March 2010 I returned from a year in Asia. As with any good trip, I had lots of time for reflection and the advantage of perspective; being on the other side of the world does that. While sitting in my hotel in Bangkok, I started thinking of all of the museums all over the world and the current economy. My first thought was, “How can they all survive?”. The easy answer is “they won’t survive”.

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