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What do you do?

Every week, I receive emails asking "what do you do?" (in addition to writing the blog). The easy answer is "help kids who learn differently", but that is not a direct answer. All of the projects I will work on are for informal educational institutions (science centers, children's museums, traveling exhibitions, natural history museums and art museums). I will forever be thankful to the museums of my childhood. My work and this blog has become a passion in support informal education.

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Museum Planning Software

Below is a list of the software I use. I use a MacBook Pro, travel often so like having the laptop.  In the studio have two Mac design workstations and an office computer. Design: Sketchup – Free, 3D drawing software Tux Paint – Free, Great for doing a quick sketches …

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Volunteer Teaching Ubud, Bali

I have been been traveling in Asia for almost six months now. The last two months I have been volunteer teaching English and Art here in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Here in Bali everyone belongs to a Banjar, the Bajar is your local village and the Banjar is the local form …

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Happy Holidays!

Wishing you all the best in 2009 Snowy owl’s beautiful white plumage helps to hide it in its Arctic habitat. Only the males are completely white. Chicks are dark and spotted, while the females are white with spots on their wings. National Geographic Photograph by Norbert Rosing

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