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Birth of a Science Center

Mobius Lab
NorthTown Mall
4750 North Division
Spokane, Washington  99207

Most Science Centers and Children’s Museums start with a preview facility, often in a mall.  The preview facility offers several advantages:

  • A way to educate the public about Science Centers and Children’s Museums
  • Serve as a training facility for staff
  • Educate and build interest with stakeholders and donors
  • Create a facility to promote
  • Build momentum and confidence in the project

I have been working with the Mobius Science Center of Spokane Washington on museum planning and was asked to give a two day critique of their preview facility.  Look for a future posting of my feedback on the facility.

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Mark is Managing Partner of Museum Planning, LLC, a museum planning and exhibition project management firm of interactive educational environments for Science Centers, Children's Museums and Natural History Museums. You can reach Mark at

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