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American Disabilites Act ADA Poster

The ADA Poster is a great resource for typical measurements such as, checking distance for reach and wheel chair turning diameters.

We keep one on the wall of the office and refer to it all the time.

They can be ordered from:

ADA Design Reference Poster

for $49.00 plus shipping

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  1. The link to the poster is dead and a google search leads nowhere. Is there any place where I could get hold of this?
    Thank You for a great site!

  2. Hi Jozeph,
    My apologies, seems the poster is out of print. You can check Amazon for a used copy.


  3. The first poster image link is a porn site- please fix!!!!

  4. My apologies Debbie,
    The poster went out of print and the url is being used by another company. Updated the links.
    Thank you for the message !
    – Mark

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