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Museum Review of Museo Pambata

No Comments 22 June 2011

A video review of Museo Pambata

Exhibition Design

Google Liquid Galaxy

No Comments 07 October 2010

Just finished work at the Tech Museum as Exhibit Producer of the new Silicon Valley Innovation Gallery.  While at the Tech Museum had the pleasure of working with Jason Holt of Google on the installation of Liquid Galaxy.   Liquid Galaxy is Google’s immersive Google Earth environment comprised of eight 55-inch LCD screens showing Google Earth in a surround view.   Liquid Galaxy started as a 20% project and has since grown to have installations in Google offices all over the world. As of September 30th, Google has made the code and hardware available to build your own Liquid Galaxy.

Google Blog Liquid Galaxy Entry:


Liquid Galaxy website:


Future of Museums, Starting A New Museum

“Hub Museum”

No Comments 06 May 2010

As a follow up to my Predictions for the future of Museums,  I have been thinking about the future of museums.  What if there was a place where parents, teachers, scientists,museum professionals, artists, students and experts could all share ideas both on the internet and in person. The “Hub Museum” is such a place!

Hub Museum is not one museum but a new model of a partnership of connected museums. Instead of a children’s museum, natural history museum, an Art Museum, a Science Center, the Hub Museum is all of them! Museum live through attendance and attendance is driven by new programs and exhibitions, the Hub Museum, changes every three months, into a new place and the exhibitions are rotated through all of the fellow hub museums.

Teachers, parents, scientists,museum professionals, artists, students and experts all gather online at “The Hub” portal. Teachers can share lesson plans and review science standards and curriculum, parents can view lesson plans and curriculum. Scientists can answer questions of students, “citizen scientists” can earn “expert” points by answering questions. Students can ask questions and learn from one another and experts. The online presence is fun and relaxed, although the content is in line with California Science Standards and National Curriculum. Same as the sharing of exhibitions the Hub portal is a shared online community amongst museums, parents, teachers, scientists, experts and most importantly students.

Museums become the hub for in person activities, instead of museums trying to individually create exhibitions, they are created through a network of museums all working to the same educational standards and curriculum. Instead of each museum working to separate standards and curriculum, the curriculum of the schools is shared by the museums and museums work in partnership with one another to design and build exhibitions.

Exhibitions are then shared amongst museums, so museums are always changing. Superintendents of schools, teachers and students are aware of the educational content before they visit the museum.

Still the museum is serving a different role than the school, the museum is an informal place for exploration and discovery of the formal education at school.

Art, Kinetic Sculpture

Magic Wave by Artist Reuben Margolin

No Comments 17 March 2010

“The “Magic Wave” at the Swiss Science Center Technorama is one of the most complex kinetic sculptures in the world and the masterpiece of the artist Reuben Margolin from California. A net of 450 aluminium bars is transformed into a dynamic wave landscape powered by a marvellous mechanical mechanism that turns 4 circular movements into 4 sine waves of different wavelenghts, amplitudes and frequencies.” from YouTube


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