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Online Museum Experience Course

Over the last three years, I have been teaching User-centered Design with a museum experience focus.  Gauging interest if people would be interested in taking an online course in Museum Experience Design.  If you are interested please leave a comment below showing interest.  If I receive interest from twenty people will plan on running the course starting in August.

Museum Experience Design – Course Description
Museums are shifting from fixed, monolithic institutions serving a traditional and, perhaps, known audience to museums as experiential spaces and destinations catering to a wide array of individuals who may connect with a museum on an instance-by-instance basis rather than buying in to a long-standing commitment supported by regular attendance.

Given this paradigm shift museums need to provide omni experiences, experiences that are seamless from online to in-person to digital presence. During the course, each student will create an omni experience (unified experience of the exhibition, programming, visitor service, and spatial experience) for selected audiences.

Coursework to include; readings, model making, laminas, presentation boards, presentation booklets and group presentations. The final project of the class will be a unified interactive experience with each student responsible for an interactive element (product, service or exhibit) of the experience.

Methods: User-centered design, Systems Thinking, Experiential Design, Interactive Experience Design, Ethnography

Philosophies: Semiotics, Phenomenology, Constructivist Learning Theory

Three projects during the course:
Weeks 1-5: “Me” Understanding your “lens”. (How you view the world)
Weeks 6-10: “You” Create Interactive Educational Exhibit (Designing for others)
Weeks 11-15: “Us” Create Omni Experience; Incorporating service experience for selected user groups

General knowledge of Google Docs, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop.

Cost: TBD

Maximum Number of Students: 8

Schedule: 15 Weeks, 4 Hours online class, 12 hours per week assignments, starting August 2017

Coursework to include: Umbrella Concepts, Content Hierarchy, Empathy Maps, Stakeholder Analysis, Journey Mapping, Rapid Prototyping, Experience Evaluation, Visitor Testing and System Mapping.

About Mark Walhimer

Mark is Managing Partner of Museum Planning, LLC, a museum planning and exhibition project management firm of interactive educational environments for Science Centers, Children's Museums and Natural History Museums. You can reach Mark at mark@walhimer.com.

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  1. Hello,

    I would love to take the course! How can I sign up?

  2. Elina Hamunyela

    I am Elina , would like to learn about Design Thinking for Museum. Please send me the information, I would like to open a Music Museum in Namibia

  3. I’m interested in the Online Museum Experience Course!

  4. Dear Noor, Elina and Deborah,
    Thank you for you messages !

    So far only the three of you have shown interest in the online course. Will keep you updated if more people show interest.

    – Mark

  5. Hello!

    I will be interested in taking the course, please update me.


  6. Hi Mark! I’m interested in the Online Museum Experience Course! Please keep me posted!

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