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Museum Exhibition Audit

I am currently in Saigon, Vietnam, and visited the War Remnants Museum, a very powerful experience! As I am walking through the Museum I keep noticing small issues that are easily changed, but have a large impact on the visitor experience such as lighting, wayfinding and heights of graphic panels. Recently I have completed an exhibition audit for the Mobius Science Center preview facility.  The  Review included:

  • Interviews with visitors
  • Mapping of the visitor experience
  • Review of exhibition lighting
  • Suggestions for changes to visitor flow
  • Review of graphics
  • Review of wayfinding
  • Review of audio visual systems
  • Review of exhibition media
  • Review of exhibit maintenance and repair program
  • A review of the mix of types of exhibit, static, highly interactive, simple manipulatives
  • A written report containing recommendations for changes

If you are interested in an exhibition audit send me an email;

Mark’s Email

for a copy of a sample exhibition audit.

About Mark Walhimer

Mark is Managing Partner of Museum Planning, LLC, a museum planning and exhibition project management firm of interactive educational environments for Science Centers, Children's Museums and Natural History Museums. You can reach Mark at mark@walhimer.com.

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