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Engaging constable: revealing art with new technology

Great research on interactivity in Museums: ACM Digital Library “Museums increasingly deploy new technologies to enhance visitors’ experience of their exhibitions. They primarily rely on touch-screen computer systems, PDAs and digital audio-guides. Tate Britain recently employed two innovative systems in one of their major exhibitions of John Constable’s work; a …

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Maker Faire 2008

More than 20,000 people at Maker Faire, hope you made it. See post below from CNET May 4, 2008 12:24 PM PDT Maker Faire more popular than ever Posted by Daniel Terdiman | 4 comments There were huge crowds at Maker Faire 2008. While no attendance figures were known yet, …

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How many museums are there in the United States?

The American Association of Museums, the “AAM is aware of only two attempts to count all the museums in the United States. The most recent effort estimates 17,500 museums. One of the attempts to count museums was a survey conducted for the National Conference of State Museum Associations in 1998. …

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Look Forward Bus on ExhibitFiles

The PG&E Look Forward Bus is currently featured on the Association of Science and Technology Center’s website, ExhibitFiles, click below to check out the story and post comments Exhibit Files, Look Forward Bus

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Fab at Home Curriculum

Wow! thanks all for the interest in Fab@Home, looks like we have a hit. We are working on a curriculum for 3D modeling, we are also preparing a summer camp robotics curriculum. I would be interested in getting feedback from Science Centers: What is the age range of your summer …

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Fab at Home, 3D Printer

Imagine being able to print three dimensional objects at home as easily as hitting print on your computer. With over 70 units sold, that is exactly what Fab at Home is providing for less than $3200. Fab@Home Walhimer Associates and Koba Industries, the manufacturer of Fab at Home have teamed …

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