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Future of Museums

Hub Museum

Instead of the typical museum approach of hiring a “world class architect, hiring a ”world class exhibit designer”, the “Hub Museum” approach, is: • A “Hub of content” for the museum • Open Source content, the museum’s content and programs are shared and available for teachers and parents • Collaborative, …

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IMLS “Museums, Libraries and 21st Century Skills” report

http://www.imls.gov/about/21stCSkills.shtm Institute of Museum and Library Services has published the  Museums, Libraries, and 21st Century Skills report. “The report outlines a vision for the role of libraries and museums in the national dialogue around learning and 21st century skills and includes case studies of innovative audience engagement and 21st century …

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Seven Months, “Why Asia ?”

Mark teaching Art in Ho Chi Minh City I am often asked “why would you go and spend seven months in Asia?” As the middle class of China and India develop there will be a demand for cultural institutions. On my trip I visited over 100 museums (still need to …

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Crowdsourcing design: what will this mean for museums?

Reprinted fromSocial Media and Cultural Communication: http://nlablog.wordpress.com/2009/07/17/crowdsourcing-design-what-will-this-mean-for-museums/ “Across the online environment, there is growing engagement with user-generated content which impacts on designers as they move from sole author and producer to facilitators of the design process. User-driven and open innovation models of collaboration are impacting on the design and development …

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Museum of the 21st Century

Great post! Reprinted from Social Media and Cultural Communication: http://nlablog.wordpress.com/2009/07/08/the-museum-of-the-21st-century/ “LSE Arts and Thames and Hudson 60th anniversay discussion The Museum of the 21st Century Tuesday 7th July 2009 There was quite a buzz at the London School of Economics. The auditorium was packed; close to 500 people to hear …

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