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What are your museum questions?

17 Comments 02 July 2013

What are the top challenges facing your museum?

If you could ask someone for some advice, what would you ask?

On MuseumPlanner.org I try to address all issues facing museums and museum professionals, whether you are an established museum or just starting out. Over the next month, I’m here to help.   All you need to do is ask your question below in the “Post a comment” section.

Ask your questions, your challenges, whatever. Then, over the next couple weeks I’ll review all the comments and do my best to try to help as many of you as I can.

Look forward to hearing from you!


Exhibition Design, FAQ, Museum Planning, Starting A New Museum

Frequently Asked Museum Questions

No Comments 07 April 2013

question_mark1Frequently Asked Museum Questions

Every day, I get a couple of emails asking questions about museums.  Thought I would put together a blog post of “Frequently Asked MuseumPlanner Questions”.

1. “How do you start a museum?”
Since 1992, I have been part of opening and expanding more than thirty-five museums.   Most of my work has been with science centers, children’s museums and natural history museums.
Link: “How to start a museum”

2. “How do you raise money for a museum?”
Link: “Museum Fundraising” blog post

3. “How do you get a museum job ?”
Link: “Getting a Museum Job”
Link: “Getting Started in Museums”

4. “How much do museum exhibitions cost?”
Link: “2011 Museum Exhibition Cost Survey”
Link: “How Much do Museum Exhibitions cost?”

5. “How do you create a museum exhibition?”
Link: “Exhibition Design Part I – Planning”
Link: “Exhibition Design Part II – Design Phases”
Link: “Exhibition Design Part III – Fabrication”
Link: “Exhibition Design Part IV – Installation”
Link: “Exhibition Design Part V – Maintenance”
Link: “Exhibition Design Part VI – Evaluation”
Link: “Creating a Traveling Exhibition”

6. “How do you Start a Science Center ?”
Link: “How to Start a Science Center”

7. “What do you do (Mark Walhimer) ?”
Link to What do you do?” 

8. “How do you increase museum attendance ?”
Link: “How to Increase Museum Attendance”

9.  “What is a museum?”
Link “What is a Museum?” 

10. “What is Museum Strategic Planning?”
Link: What is Museum Strategic Planning – Part I
Link: “What is Museum Strategic Planning – Part II Feasibility Studies”

Did I miss any Frequently Asked Questions?, if I did please add them in the comment section below, thanks! -Mark

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Frequently Asked Questions About Museums

No Comments 29 July 2011

Frequently Asked Questions About Museum Master Planning and Exhibition Design:
1. How do you start a museum?
2. How do you get a museum job?
3. How much do museum exhibitions cost?
4. How do you design an exhibition?
5. What is the future of museums?
6. What is Museum Master Planning?
7. How do you raise money for a museum?
8. How do you create a traveling exhibition?

Do you have a question about Museum Master Planning or Exhibition Design that has not been answered on museumplanner.org?  Enter the question in the comment section below.


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