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Exhibition Design

Innovation in Museums

A typical museum project is 2-4 years in development. What if the museums were designed by virtual teams assembled only for a specific project and the project team is divided into two parts, the Research and Development team and "Off the shelf" team? 70% of most museum projects are repackaging of existing technologies and solutions, while 30% are unique to the project. By having the "Off the shelf" team working on project management of known solutions it frees resources for the Research and Development Team to create innovative solutions.

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Exhibition Mashup?

Artists use museum Art collections in a mashup style , Musicians use other artist's music in a mashup style. What if Science Centers, Children's Museums, created new exhibitions in a mashup style? It could be amazing!

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Tobias Wong

“Killer Ring” By Tobias Wong, Photo Courtesy the New York Times I was saddened to hear of the passing of Tobias Wong. Tobias was a young artist / designer living in New York City. Tobias blurred the lines between Art and Design and made us more aware of the american …

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