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Museums and Net Neutrality

0 Comments 06 May 2014

Please join me in telling FCC Chairman Wheeler that it is imperative that the internet remain "Net Neutral". The future of informal education, shared authority and the democratization of content is at risk.

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“Start-Up Success Isn’t Enough to Found a Museum”

0 Comments 20 March 2014

David Wallis article in the New York Times, "Start-Up Success Isn’t Enough to Found a Museum", Museum Start-up

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Museo Jumex Review

0 Comments 24 January 2014

A review of Museo Jumex brings up issues of globalization, context in Art, responsibility of a Museum, Interpretation and boundaries.

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MUSEUMPLANNER 2013 – Thank You All !

0 Comments 22 January 2014

Thank you all for the great 2013 ! Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2014 An overview of the best museumplanner.org articles of 2013

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Happy Holidays !

0 Comments 23 December 2013

Happy Holidays ! Wishing everyone a happy holiday season and all the best in 2014.

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Art Handling

0 Comments 20 November 2013

This morning I received an email about hanging a heavy piece of Art on a sheetrock wall. Thought I would start a thread about Art Handling. To start, put together a list of Art Handling Resources. Future posts will fill in the details of each area of Art Handling.

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Future of Museums, Museum Planning, Starting A New Museum

Museum Branding in 10 Steps

0 Comments 10 November 2013

A list of “how to build a museum brand in 10 steps” or ”Museum Branding in 10 steps” :

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Future of Museums, Museum Planning, Starting A New Museum

Building a Museum Brand

10 Comments 26 October 2013

Brand is the glue that holds together a successful museum, it gives visitors a comfort level and engages audience.

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Museums and the Recession

0 Comments 13 October 2013

Since 2008 museums have undergone a significant change due to the Great Recession. How do you think museums have changed?

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Museum Planning

In a perfect museum world…

8 Comments 29 September 2013

In a perfect museum, the museum would interact with all visitors at their learning style and their interest level, in a scholarly, interesting and fun way.

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